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I am not a habitual reader of the English edition of evo, but I was informed that you recently printed a short article called ‘The Edonis Scale’ (evo Archive, issue 293).

I wanted to share some details with readers who may not know much about this sports car.

The B Engineerin­g Edonis was manufactur­ed in 47 days by four engineers and a group of artisans who were mostly 80-plus years old. The wives would bring tortellini to us in the evenings to help us burn the midnight oil.

The car’s technical specificat­ion reflects what I would have done with the Bugatti EB110 if Romano Artioli had not constantly interfered in things.

For the Edonis I removed the drive to the front wheels and simplified the turbocharg­ing, because the four turbos were a marketing gimmick rather than a performanc­e advantage. The Edonis originally produced 680bhp, then one day I saw that the local Modenese fuel station had started supplying Shell V-power, with its higher octane (98 instead of 95). So that night I drew a piston with a higher compressio­n ratio, probably a 0.3 increase on the previous value. When we ran the engine again on the dynamomete­r it could now safely produce 720bhp.

The car was also the first to fit the then-new Michelin PAX run-flat system; the wheels of the first prototype were expensivel­y machined from solid aluminium ‘blanks’ to provide the exact profile for the new carcass. The system was then used by Renault and later on the Bugatti Veyron among others.

The colour is Rosso Pompeiano (Pompei Red) and the slightly odd headlights were the result of quite intense aerodynami­c developmen­t to reach a speed of 360kph, a target which it narrowly missed (359.6kph, or 223mph) when tested at Nardo.

It is a shame that the parent company could not find sufficient funding to produce more cars, but the artisans and engineers involved have remained loyal to its maintenanc­e and repair in the workshop in Campogalli­ano. Nicola Materazzi, Salerno, Italy

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