Peugeot 508 PSE

Its claim becomes a reality at last

- John Barker (@evojb)

ASMALL VICTORY THIS MONTH, ASSISTED by the mini-heatwave. For the first time – and hopefully not the last – I was able to do the school run entirely in electric mode. After months of a full charge falling short of the brochure figure, temperatur­es in the high 20s finally delivered the full 27-mile electric range, and I was able to complete the 30-mile round trip without the petrol engine firing up.

A hybrid suits what I do, with longer journeys for shoots mixed in with short commutes, though there is an inefficien­cy to carrying two powertrain­s around. My interviews in recent months with the UK’S specialist car makers, Mcmurtry, Morgan, Caterham, Ariel and particular­ly BAC, about the shift from petrol and diesel have been insightful. There’s passion and expertise in these small companies and they see a place for the sports car in the approachin­g Ev-dominated landscape because cars will become more specific to their tasks. One projection is that many people will own a small EV with a small range for regular commuting and rent a long-distance car for holidays and trips. Enthusiast­s will have a zeroemissi­on or EV sports car for fun and maybe something old, ICE and cherished too.

Makes good sense. The Peugeot is trying to be three things at once: zero tailpipe emission commuter car, long-distance load lugger and a bit sporty too. Despite the two drivetrain­s, it does it with remarkable efficiency. I only press on in Sport mode, with EV charge available, but fuel economy in ICE only, when the battery is fully depleted, still surprises me. The more miles it racks up, the more impressed I am by the 508’s balance of attributes.

Date acquired March 2022 Total mileage 5891 Mileage this month 683 (of which 250 on electric) Costs this month £0 mpg this month 45.8

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