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I am writing this letter on behalf of my dad, who is not too crafty when it comes to computers. He read the letter from Nicola Materazzi (now sadly departed) in evo 301 and it sparked memories of the time he and his friends, who are all big car enthusiast­s, visited the B Engineerin­g factory in Italy [picture above].

It was right at the time before the official sale of the Edonis should have started, yet Materazzi took time out of his busy schedule to talk through the manufactur­ing process of the car in great detail. For example, all the magic artisan hands that were required to build the body panels of the car (each of them hand-made and therefore unique) and also the great amount of time they spent with Michelin to develop the new PAX run-flat tyres. At the time Ferrari had nothing that would even come close to the performanc­e of the Edonis.

My dad was also lucky enough to get one of the infamous passenger rides, and the road was still damp from the day before. To this day he remembers how the two big turbos took their time to kick in, but when they did the accelerati­on was so hard and fast that it overloaded the synapses in his brain. My dad is lucky enough to own a Challenge Stradale, a car that is very unique in its own right, but the Edonis will always keep a special place in his heart.

It is really unfortunat­e that the Edonis has never been officially released, but during the same trip my dad and his friends also visited another start-up car company by the name of Pagani, and we all know how that turned out. Wolf-dieter Mayer, Austria

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