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Do the things that will make your marriage better:


Give your spouse a genuinely loving smile.

Share with them a joke, funny story, or fun memory - something that makes them smile.

Touch them playfully.

Give them a spontaneou­s hug.

Compliment them on something they did well.

Compliment them on something about them that you admire. Listen to them intently - without interrupti­ng, disagreein­g, or getting upset with them.

Put time with your spouse at the top of your list of priorities rather than near the bottom.

And stop doing the things that are making your marriage worse:

Trying to change your spouse’s mind or behaviour.

Criticisin­g them and pointing out their faults.

Trying to get them to see your point of view.

Getting into lengthy discussion­s and analyses about your problems Getting upset, angry, or frustrated with them when they say or do something that you don’t like.

Putting your friends, social life, family, and career ahead of your relationsh­ip.

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