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Below are some affirmatio­ns

- by Louise L. Hay on self-esteem: Jasmina Intuitive Princess www.intuitivep­

- I am willing to release the pattern within me that is creating this condition. - I’m in the process of making positive changes.

- My body is lean, and I feel good in it.

-Wherever I go, and wherever I am, I experience love, and I am love.

- My apartment suits my nature and provides me with everything I need.

- Here and now, I am creating the conditions for a wonderful new job that will fulfil me.

- I’m much more organised now.

- I appreciate everything I do.

- I love and respect myself.

- I trust life that it always brings me what is good for me.

- I deserve the best and I accept it here and now.

Some affirmatio­ns on success:

- I release all resistance to money, and I now allow it to flow joyously into my life.

- My good comes from everywhere and everyone.

- I pay my bills with love, and I rejoice as I write out each check.abundance flows freely through me.

-Wherever I turn, I radiate success and prosperity.

- I delight in the financial security that is a constant in my life.

- I move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking, and my finances reflect this change.

- Money is a state of mind that gives me strength. I allow financial success to enter my life at a higher level than ever before.

- The Law of Attraction attracts only good things into my life.

- I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.

- I think big, and then I allow myself to accept even more good from life. - Today is a delightful day. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

- I have unlimited choices. Opportunit­ies are everywhere.

- I know that old, negative patterns no longer limit me. I let them go with ease.

- Each day is a new opportunit­y.yesterday is over and is the first day of my future.

- My innate creativity surprises and delights me.

- I know that I can create miracles in my life.

- I accept the fact that I deserve the best career.

- The perfect job is looking for me, and we are being brought together now. - People are interested in my talents and appreciate my unique abilities. -There is ample time and opportunit­y for creative expression in whatever area I choose.

- I balance my life between work, rest, and play.they all get equal time.

- I am grateful for being alive today. It is my joy and pleasure to live another wonderful day.

- I direct my creative talents toward music, art, dance, writing – anything that gives me pleasure.

- I am learning to be more creative every day.

-When I encounter problems on the job, I am willing to ask for help. - Limitation­s are merely opportunit­ies to grow. I use them as stepping-stones to success. - I create a good feeling at work. I realize that there are laws that govern the universe, and I work with these laws in every area of my life.

- I know that when I do my best at my job, I am rewarded in all sorts of ways. - The key to creativity is knowing that my thinking creates my experience. I use this key in every area of my life.

- I am a clear thinker, and I express myself with ease.

- I am appreciate­d and well-compensate­d wherever I work.

- I now do work I love, and I am well paid for it.

- I do something new every day – or at least different.

- Life never stops, it’s never uninterest­ing and rigid. Every moment is eternally young and fresh.

- My job allows me to express my talents and abilities, and I am grateful for this employment.

- My workspace is a pleasure to be in.there is mutual respect among co-workers.

- I release all resistance to expressing my creativity fully.

- Ideas come to me easily and effortless­ly.

- Everyone I meet at work today will enrich my soul in the best possible way. -When I wake up in the morning, I plan for a good day. My anticipati­on attracts positive experience­s to me.

- I create easily and effortless­ly when I let my thoughts come from the living space of my own heart.

- My heart is the centre of my power. I follow my heart.

- My inner potential is indestruct­ible. Only good awaits me.

- The joy I find in my career is reflected in my overall happiness.

- I stand on my own two feet. I accept and use my own power.

- It is safe for me to stand up for myself.

- I am a radiant being, enjoying life to the fullest.

- My life gets more fabulous every day. I look forward to what each new hour brings. Affirmatio­ns like this will help you change those areas of your life that call for a new, different experience. It is all about loving yourself and knowing yourself. By repeating affirmatio­ns every day, you will develop self-esteem, a prerequisi­te for creating opportunit­y and change. For example, if you want to lose weight or transform your body, you must first love yourself with all the “flaws” and accept yourself. Only when you build strong confidence in yourself and connect with your inner self can you begin to build or change the space around you, where you feel safe, trust, and believe that you deserve the best… With this approach, your weight will normalise, since you will not suppress negative emotions by overeating. As a result, you will also start organising your meals so that the food, which is healthy and rich in nutrients that your body needs, will give you energy instead of making you feel tired or guilty. Of course, this does not happen overnight. It is a process that requires dedication and engagement. By regularly repeating positive affirmatio­ns, you will be able to reorganise your mind and create new connection­s – both between your brain and body and between yourself and the environmen­ will attract things that are good for you and people who will respect and love you just as you have learned to love and accept yourself (

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