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It’s great to see you in a team with so much po­ten­tial go­ing for­ward. What are your hopes and ex­pec­ta­tions this sea­son – for your­self and for the team? Christo­pher Jack­son, UK

My po­si­tion is a bit dif­fer­ent in the team. I’m not rac­ing, so I have dif­fer­ent goals than I would have if I was rac­ing. I’m not fight­ing for points or qual­i­fy­ing po­si­tions, but still I have some goals for this year. Of course I would like to help the team and get in­volved with many things and this is a good op­por­tu­nity for me to get in­volved in the much wider picture than I would be able to if I was rac­ing – from the tech­ni­cal and engi­neer­ing points of view.

Where do you keep your win­ner’s Cana­dian Grand Prix tro­phy? Adam Pen­der, UK

It’s a very sim­ple an­swer: I don’t have it! F1 Rac­ing: Who’s got it? RK: BMW. F1R: You don’t have a replica or any­thing? RK: No.

Do you still play poker? Tomek Zwolin­ski, Poland

Not for a long time. I have good mem­o­ries from Aus­tralia, but I won’t even visit the poker room this year. The pas­sion and the fun of play­ing it has gone.

Who is the tough­est op­po­nent you have ever en­coun­tered? James Kru­use, Kenya

I think Lewis Hamil­ton. We’ve raced since we were very young; he’s a very tough one. There are other tough guys I have been rac­ing with – most of them from F1 – but Lewis and I have been rac­ing for so many years to­gether in dif­fer­ent cat­e­gories, that’s why it’s him.

Why did you choose Nico Ros­berg to help you last year? Zuzanna Oskiera, Poland

I think that Nico had good ex­pe­ri­ence with For­mula 1 and of course he has won a world cham­pi­onship. He de­cided to stop, which I think is a de­ci­sion that we have to re­spect and one that shows his ma­tu­rity. For sure it was not easy for him. He played a very im­por­tant role last year; we met up a few times and then I asked him if he would be happy to help me, and he was, and he did quite a lot to get me to where I am now.

F1R: Are you still work­ing to­gether now?

RK: Yes and no…

What is your favourite pizza? Luca Ro­mag­noli, Italy

Most of the time I would take pro­sciutto funghi.

Which cir­cuit that’s on the cal­en­dar now, but wasn’t when you were last in F1, are you most look­ing for­ward to driv­ing on? Melodee Ghosn, USA

Def­i­nitely Baku. I will not be driv­ing on the track there this year, but on the sim maybe! From the out­side Baku looks very chal­leng­ing, and nor­mally what looks chal­leng­ing on tele­vi­sion is even more chal­leng­ing when you ex­pe­ri­ence it in re­al­ity.

You can tell us now… did you have a Fer­rari con­tract? Andy Groves, UK

Well, I don’t know if I can tell you that… [laughs]. It’s al­ready been a few years, but still it’s a del­i­cate topic. I think it was ad­mit­ted by some­one from Fer­rari that we had come quite close to it. But we were prob­a­bly closer than every­body thinks.

When did you re­alise you were ready to get back into an F1 car? Fern Lock, UK

All of my re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion, all of my jour­ney, has been quite com­pli­cated and ex­haust­ing. I think the turn­ing point was when I de­cided to stop ral­ly­ing. Then I started work­ing on my phys­i­cal as­pects, and then I re­alised that by rais­ing dif­fi­cul­ties I’m hav­ing bet­ter re­sults than ex­pected, not only per­for­mance but from a phys­i­cal point of view. And I found maybe I can do the same things but I have to find a dif­fer­ent way. Be­fore I was not ac­cept­ing this and I was try­ing to do the same things in the same way as be­fore, which was not pos­si­ble or was very dif­fi­cult. And then I was get­ting dis­ap­pointed. F1R: You did the GP3 and For­mula E tests – they’re very dif­fer­ent to ral­ly­ing. How was the sen­sa­tion?

RK: I tested the GP3 car mainly to un­der­stand my phys­i­cal lim­i­ta­tions. I was rais­ing the dif­fi­culty step by step. First I was dis­cov­er­ing per­for­mance, sec­ond I was see­ing if I was able to do it, and third was about what level I can get to and stretch my body with­out re­ally los­ing per­for­mance. It was quite a good pe­riod. It was dif­fi­cult, but I had some very good sur­prises about my re­ac­tions and the feel­ing I had from my body.

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