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A TEAM of re­searchers has re­leased de­tails of an ex­per­i­ment that linked three peo­ple’s brains up so that they had to work to­gether to play a puz­zle game.

It’s not quite the Franken­stein-style ex­per­i­ment that it sounds, as the three peo­ple just had sen­sors at­tached to their heads to mea­sure their brain waves. They were play­ing a Tetris-style game where two play­ers had to con­cen­trate on their de­ci­sions, so that a third player (who couldn’t see the screen) could con­trol the ac­tion.

The sci­en­tists say that it’s (wait for it) “the first multi-per­son, non-in­va­sive, di­rect brain-to-brain in­ter­face for col­lab­o­ra­tive prob­lem solv­ing”.

Al­though it’s way off in the fu­ture, some ex­perts think that con­nect­ing lots of brains up could al­low peo­ple to share their thoughts di­rectly. That means they could work on com­pli­cated prob­lems that they wouldn’t be able to solve on their own, es­pe­cially if they can also har­ness the pro­cess­ing power of com­put­ers.

The peo­ple were hooked up to com­put­ers with elec­trodes

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