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Na­ture pro­vides us with ev­ery­thing we need to live, from the air we breathe, to drink­ing wa­ter, food and all the re­sources we use to make things, and to power our homes, cars and fac­to­ries. How­ever, all over the world we’re cut­ting down forests, us­ing too much wa­ter from rivers, de­plet­ing the oceans of fish and push­ing some an­i­mals to ex­tinc­tion.

For the last 20 years, sci­en­tists have been mea­sur­ing changes in the pop­u­la­tions of thou­sands of an­i­mal species around the world, from count­ing the num­ber of wilde­beest in the sa­van­nah, to us­ing cam­eras to track the move­ment of tapirs in the Ama­zon rain­for­est.

They have also looked at changes in where dif­fer­ent species are found and their risk of ex­tinc­tion. Sadly, WWF’s lat­est re­port con­cludes that wildlife pop­u­la­tions are dis­ap­pear­ing fast, lead­ing to a de­creas­ing va­ri­ety of life on Earth.

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