First News : 2019-04-05



11. FIRST CAREERS Issue 668 5 – 11 April 2019 FirstNews DICK GRIFFIN WHAT I DID be very diplomatic, a good organiser and a good communicat­or. also very long, with very few days off. I was the personal protection officer to Her Majesty the Queen, HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and their youngest son, Prince Edward, now the Earl of Wessex. WHAT SKILLS I NEEDED PERSONAL PROTECTION OFFICER WHERE YOU SHOULD START IF YOU WANT TO DO THE JOB TOO You had to be a qualified firearms officer and pass a yearly fitness test. I did a lot of running to keep fit and have run over 260 marathons all over the world, including the London Marathon 36 times. You also need to You obviously need to join the Metropolit­an Police Service and, once you have two years’ service, you can apply to be considered for the many specialist department­s within the service, e.g. Specialist Protection, Diplomatic Protection, CID, Traffic, Dog Handlers, Mounted Section, etc. HOW I GOT MY JOB I was an inspector in the Metropolit­an Police Service and applied to go to the Royalty Protection Department. WHAT I LOVED ABOUT MY JOB IT WAS A SERIOUS JOB, BUT IT HAD ITS FUNNY MOMENTS I travelled to more than 160 different countries and met many famous people, including Nelson Mandela, three different Popes, US President George Bush Senior, JK Rowling, as well as singers including Robbie Williams and the original James Bond, Sean Connery. While out walking with the Queen one day, we met two American tourists. The Queen stopped to ask how they were enjoying their holiday. They then asked where she lived and she told them she lived nearby. “How long have you lived there?” they enquired; “Over 80 years,” was the reply. “Then you must have met the Queen”, they said, to which she replied: “I haven’t, but my policeman here meets her regularly”! DICK is retired now, but when he was working, he had the job of guarding one of the world’s most famous people – the Queen! He told us what it takes to do such an important job. WHAT WAS DIFFICULT ABOUT IT Being away from my family for long periods. Some overseas tours lasted over three weeks. The hours were VISIT FIRSTCAREE­RS.CO.UK – A SHOWCASE OF HUNDREDS OF JOBS AND CAREER PATHS TO INSPIRE YOU Adventure Holidays for 7-17 year olds y r 2019 adventure BEGINS HERE Bored in the holidays? Why not go on a PGL adventure? You’ll get to try amazing activities like raft building, kayaking or abseiling, make new friends and enjoy the best of the great outdoors. Plus we now have an amazing ‘up to 40% off!*’. What are you waiting for? Call free on 0800 840 3744 or visit *Terms and conditions apply.

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