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15. ENTERTAINM­ENT PICS Issue 668 5 – 11 April 2019 FirstNews OF WEEK THIS THE WEEK ©2018Disney­Enterprise­s,Inc.AllRightsR­eserved. 1 He may be Spider-Man but Hollywood star Tom Holland has admitted that his mum still makes him do chores! The actor, who lives with his parents and brothers in Kingston upon Thames, revealed in an interview with magazine that his family keep his feet on the ground. “I’ll come home from a hard day’s work and my mum will tell me to do the dishes: ‘It’s your turn,’” he says. WE can’t wait to see the upcoming live-action version of which hits cinemas on 22 May. Take a sneaky peek at these new shots from the movie. Aladdin, Man About Town 2 Captain America himself, Chris Evans, has been revealing some details about The actor confessed that he has seen the first hour of the movie and says it’s pretty emotional. “I choked up, like, three times,” he said. It’s definitely gonna be a tear-jerker! Avengers: Endgame. ©2018Disney­Enterprise­s,Inc.AllRightsR­eserved. 3 BGT is back this week! Britain’s biggest talent show is returning to our screens this Saturday (6 April). It’s set to be a good one, with Ant and Dec reunited on screen and some top talent spotted already – just two days into auditions, Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden had both already hit their buzzers. CAN YOU TELL US A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE NEW MOVIE? Sadie: Kim is never not prepared. She’s ambitious, hard-working, and fiercely loyal to Ron. She’s a very confident girl normally, but because of a series of events that take place during the movie, we see that part of her crumble a little bit. THE CAST OF FIVE KIM POSSIBLE Sadie: I’m playing Kim Possible in a new Disney Channel Original Movie. It’s a live-action the Channel movie Possible friend/sidekick Ron Stoppable taking on their first year of high school. Kim is dealing with mean girls, tough teachers and all the challenges that come with growing up. However, she’s also dealing with evil villains who are trying to take over the world and destroy her! In the movie they meet a girl named Athena and take her under their wings. Kim struggles with her identity and we get to see a more vulnerable side of her. MINUTES WITH… popular animated in the early 2000s. and her best series adaptation based on that played on Disney Our is about Kim Sadie Stanley and Sean DID YOU HAVE LOTS OF FUN ON SET? Giambrone tell us about their new Disney Channel Original Movie. Sadie: We had so much fun on set, especially the days when me, Sean and Ciara [Riley Wilson, who plays Athena] were all on set. There was a lot of singing and making jokes in between takes! One of my favourite moments was when Adam [one of the directors] jumped in the eel tank full of murky water with me and Sean. DO YOU THINK YOU’D BE A GOOD SECRET SUPERHERO? Sean: Yes, because I’ve seen so many movies about it! I’ll have my malted milk shaken not stirred. Also, I have glasses to take off to contrast when I get superpower­s. Probably not. I’m not sure I could handle school, friends, family, hobbies saving the world! WHAT’S YOUR CHARACTER LIKE? Ron seems unfazed it all and makes a point of being a very Sean: by Sadie: and loyal and dependable friend. Catch Kim Possible on Friday 5 April at 5:30pm

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