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21. YOUR NEWS Issue 668 5 – 11 April 2019 FirstNews MARCH PEOPLE’S WE WANT TO HEAR WHAT JUNIOR JOURNALIST YOU/YOUR SCHOOL IS UP TO by Holly Bee ON Saturday 23 March, I went on the People’s Vote march to protest against Brexit. Over one million people are said to have attended the march, equivalent in size to the numbers protesting against the Iraq war 16 years ago. Lots of my family were there, ranging in age from eight (my brother) to 84 (my grandmothe­r). Are you doing something sponsored for charity? Starting your own school newspaper? Putting on a show? Are you off on an amazing holiday or did you have a great day out? Why not share your experience­s with readers? We travelled from South Wales to London to attend the march, making it a very long day! The march itself was incredibly inspiring, friendly and uplifting. We spent the first hour marching alongside an amazing drumming band, which helped create a wonderful atmosphere, as everyone was bopping along to it. There was a huge array of creative placards on show, which were fun to read. I had a double-sided placard with “Hermione wouldn’t stand for this” on one side and “I love EU like Dobby loves socks” on the other. We played placard bingo as we marched, looking out for particular words, references or flags to cross off our bingo sheets and were rewarded with toffees when we eventually managed to get a full house! I think it is really important for children to show their views, as it is our future that will be affected. Although this march was one of the biggest in the history of the UK, there are plenty more smaller marches and petitions that children can take part in. I would really recommend getting involved – it was such a wonderful experience and I will always remember it! First News Email your report (including pictures) to [email protected] Harry Potter-themed Don’t forget to include your name and age (and your school’s name and address for school news reports). By writing in, you give consent to printing details and photograph­s of those involved in the report. First News BEACH BOOK WEEK CLEAN SCHOOL by Ananyaa Gupta, Heathfield School, Rishworth NEWS by Betty Fentiman ONE day is not enough for our school – we needed a whole week to celebrate reading. ON Monday 18 March, I worked with Coast Care to do a local beach clean in north Northumber­land on a beach called Seaton Point. JUNIOR Over the past term, every class has been looking at a particular book, and in our art lessons we have been creating displays to do with our books. My book was a selection of short stories set in WW2 and is called by Emma Carroll. We kicked off our week with a visit from Jason Beresford, who is the author of the hilarious series. The series is about four children who wish for superpower­s, then have the powers of different animals. Later on in the day, our KS2 class had the amazing opportunit­y to have a workshop with him, where he shared his top writing tips and helped us create our own superheroe­s. On Monday, we had a pyjama day, where everyone came in onesies (even the teachers!) and the School Council ran a shop throughout the day, to raise money for our playground project. At the end of the day, I was running the book shop. All the money we raised from the book shop will go towards Comic Relief. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we studied our books, and then on Thursday it was World Book Day! Everyone looked amazing, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the day. I would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Putnam, our art teacher, who made all of this possible; Mrs Hudson and Mrs Hutchinson for organising this amazing event; Mr Wilkins, our headmaster, for getting involved with everything, and all the other teachers too. When We Were JOURNALIST Warriors, We had to wear protective in we found sharp items, though we mainly picked up plastic. We were also given high-vis jackets and litter pickers. There were around 15 volunteers who spread out along the bay. I felt pleased to be making an impact, because plastic is dangerous for marine creatures. Everyone was very friendly and we enjoyed being out in the fresh air together. I think more people should be involved in litter picks because they are good for the environmen­t and you feel like you have made a positive contributi­on to the planet. After the hard work I splashed into the freezing North Sea! gloves case Fish Fingers For more informatio­n, visit SUBSCRIBE FOR SCHOOL – FIND OUT MORE AT SCHOOLS.FIRSTNEWS.CO.UK CALL: (020) 3195 7256 EMAIL: [email protected]

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