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23. BOOKS Issue 668 5 – 11 April 2019 FirstNews WORDS FOR LIFE WHAT’S IN THE DOGS & CATS SHOPS? BEING healthy is really important to help you stay strong and keep your brain active! CHEW SMILE DOG TOY On the National Literacy Trust’s Words For Life site there are lots of ways to help you keep fit and enjoy delicious healthy food, tied in with your love of reading. There’s a book list that includes titles on yoga, bathtime and brushing your teeth, healthy recipes such as hummus heads and fruity muffins, a fun exercise circuit and activity sheets and tips for keeping yourself feeling great. PETSATHOME.COM £13.00 Watch your dog pucker up with a big lippy grin! This fun squeaky toy will give your dog a great new look and offer great photo opportunit­ies at the same time. The bumpy, textured surface also helps massage your dog’s gums and clean their teeth as they chew. VISIT WORDSFORLI­FE.ORG.UK TO FIND OUR MORE BOOK REVIEW CAT SCRATCHING DJ DECK IWANTONEOF­THOSE.COM £19.99 This funky DJ deck is a clever way to stop your cat from scratching all the furniture. Simply follow the step-by-step instructio­ns to create the deck structure, which features a poseable arm and a deck plate that spins when your cat paws at it. It’s bound to keep your cat (and you) entertaine­d for hours! NIGEL HINTON BEAVER TOWERS Reviewed by Class 3GR at Park Community Academy Philip travels to the ‘No’ Islands on a dragon kite under a magical spell, where he meets Baby B, Robin and Mr Edgar. Oyin, the evil witch from the World of Shadows, is trying to take over Beaver Towers, helped by her army of beastly growlers. Philip bravely creeps along the secret tunnel to the castle’s library on his quest to find the purple spell book. Scaring growlers with an old exploding car, and coming face to face with Oyin herself, he manages to shout ‘the word’, restoring the island back to peace. We would recommend this book because the great descriptio­ns create an exciting adventure full of fun, which makes it impossible to put down. We would give it five out of five stars and would suggest an age rating of 8-14 years old. PET TOILET WATER BOWL NUKU.CO.UK £21.99 This funny water bowl will make you smile every time your dog or cat uses it. Just attach a two-litre water bottle to the back and thanks to gravity, your dog or cat will always have fresh, delicious (toilet) water to drink whenever they need it. BECOME A FIRST NEWS BOOK REVIEWER! HAVE you read a book recently that you desperatel­y want to tell people about? Write us a review! We’ll need around 100 words on a book you’ve been reading – good or bad – and a picture of yourself (with parents’ permission!). Email your review to bookreview­[email protected] All prices correct at time of printing. [email protected] (01371) 851 898. [email protected] (020) 3195 2000. subscripti­[email protected] 0330 333 0186. First News team details available at For editorial enquiries, contact or For home subscripti­on enquiries, email or call For school subscripti­on enquiries, email or call Web: All material in this newspaper is © 2019 First Group Enterprise­s Ltd and cannot be used without written permission. First News is published by First Group Enterprise­s Ltd, 7 Playhouse Court, 62 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 0AT. Printed by Westferry Printers Ltd, Kimpton Rd, Luton, Bedfordshi­re, LU2 0TA. Distribute­d by Seymour Distributi­on Ltd, 2 East Poultry Ave, London, EC1A 9PT. Tel: (020) 7429 4000. We are extremely passionate about the environmen­t and we are always looking at ways to reduce waste throughout the company and across all of our products. Our paper comes from sustainabl­e sources. The new material we use to wrap mailed copies is made from potato starch, so it is now fully home compostabl­e and completely biodegrada­ble, and you can put it in with your food waste, in your green garden waste recycling bins, or on your own compost heap.

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