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8. WORLD NEWS Issue 668 5 – 11 April 2019 FirstNews NORWAY USA TRUMP “CLEARED” DOOMSDAY VAULT AT RISK After three years of investigat­ion, former FBI boss Robert Mueller has finished investigat­ing President Donald Trump and his team’s ties to Russia. So far, the investigat­ion has seen Trump’s campaign chairman, deputy chairman, personal lawyer and two top advisers arrested. The report says that neither the president, nor any other members of his team, worked with Russia to affect the 2016 presidenti­al election. However, when discussing obstructio­n of justice (purposeful­ly making things difficult for authoritie­s to find those who have committed a crime), the report says that, while it can’t say that the president committed a crime, it also cannot say he is innocent. Only the US’ top legal advisor, Attorney General William Barr, has seen the full, 300-page report from Mueller. Barr has decided to not release the full report, but has instead written a four-page summary, in which he says the president has been cleared of any crime. Congress is now demanding the full report be released to the public. A report has found that Longyearby­en faces potentiall­y devastatin­g avalanches, rockfalls and floods over the coming decades – threatenin­g the seed collection in the town’s ‘doomsday vault’. The vault is an undergroun­d bunker that’s been designed to protect more than 6,000 different types of the world’s seeds from asteroid strikes, nuclear war and other disasters. Longyearby­en is in Svalbard, an almost uninhabite­d group of islands only a few hundred kilometres from the North Pole. The report, found that the town is warming faster than any place on Earth. Flood defences, new waterproof walls and big drainage ditches have already been built. UKRAINE Climate in Svalbard 2100, PRESIDENT’S A LAUGH An actor and comedian who stars in a TV show about an ordinary man suddenly becoming president, has won the first round of his country’s election. Volodymyr Zelenskiy won around 30% of the votes, while Ukraine’s current leader got just 16%. A run-off election between the two will be held next month. SPAIN ANIMALS LEFT ALONE The Parque Zoologico Prudencio Navarro on Spain’s Costa de la Luz closed two months ago, after several of its animals died due to neglect. But the zoo is still open to the public, but without any security, and almost all of the creatures kept at the zoo have simply been left there without any form of care. Activists are urging the local government to provide some help for the zoo’s animals before they die or a serious accident or escape occurs due to the lack of security. SLOVAKIA SWEDEN FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT A NAKED ARREST In Sweden, it’s common for people to relax in a steam sauna, often in the nude and with friends and strangers. One policeman, who was doing just that after a day’s work, realised that he wasn’t just with strangers, but was in fact sitting opposite a wanted man! Despite the circumstan­ces, the policeman was able to arrest the criminal. The local police’s Facebook page posted: “To our dear colleague who kept your head cool when it was heating up to a potentiall­y dangerous situation, you kept your wits about you and carried out an arrest while considerin­g the needs of all.” Slovakia has elected Zuzana Čaputová as the country’s first female leader. After her win, Čaputová said that her victory proved “you can win without attacking your opponents”. She won with 58.4% of the vote. Slovakia has both a prime minister and a president. While the president is mostly a symbolic role, they have power to block laws and appoint top judges. OUR WORLD KATE lives at a residentia­l rehabilita­tion centre with 13 other children with disabiliti­es. The staff at the centre ensure that the children are able to go to school, have an active social life and receive physiother­apy sessions. “My disability makes me different from others,” says Kate. “Sometimes people remind me of it. My disability does not stop me; it’s the people.” She hopes to become a doctor so that she will be able to help other children with disabiliti­es. NAME: LIVES: KATE SIERRA LEONE TO FIND OUT MORE, GO TO WWW.STREET-CHILD.CO.UK

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