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- by Will from the Journalism Club, Burnt Oak Junior School

OUR Journalism Club Media Team were overjoyed at the prospect of being the first group of children to see what goes on behind the scenes in the production of First News, and to interview the editor in chief, Nicky Cox MBE.

We loved talking to her, she was extremely funny! We began by asking: “How did First News start?” She answered: “I was 15 years old when the idea came to me that there should be a children’s newspaper. I was trying to read a normal one, but I couldn’t understand it. When I first launched the newspaper, most of the other newspaper companies thought it was a rubbish idea. It turned out to become an amazing one!”

After our lovely interview, we headed towards the factory floor. Reach Printing Services were very kind and started the print run as early as possible, so that we could watch the newspapers being made.

The process they went through to being taken out into the world was amazing! First, robot forklift trucks were programmed to take a giant roll of paper and put it into a machine that feeds it into the printing press. Then, it printed out the whole newspaper in one big sheet using plates that are stamped onto the page. Next, the pages are cut and stapled on the same machine.

Throughout the process, the staff take out newspapers from the mix to see if the colours are correct, then they adjust the colour saturation to make it perfect.

About 1,000 newspapers have to be scrapped during this process, but in the old days this figure used to be more like 5,000 or 6,000 and they weren’t even recycled! Lastly, the finished papers either get bundled up and sent out, or transferre­d to another machine to be folded.

Thank you everyone who works hard at First News and Reach Printing Services to get the newspapers delivered all over the country every week, and to Nicky Cox and everyone else who was at the amazing interview!

 ??  ?? Journalism Club at Burnt Oak Junior School
Journalism Club at Burnt Oak Junior School
 ??  ?? At the printers
At the printers
 ??  ?? Just off the printing press
Just off the printing press

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