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BRITAIN has gone for the longest period without using coal to create electricit­y since the Victorian times.

The lockdown has meant that most factories, businesses, schools, shops and restaurant­s are closed, so there’s less demand for electricit­y. The recent sunny and windy weather has also meant higher levels of renewable power, so coal-fired stations weren’t needed to supply the grid.

The public electricit­y grid was establishe­d in 1882. The previous longest period without coal supplying the grid was set last June and lasted 18 days, 6 hours and 10 minutes, but that was broken on 28 April this year and was still ongoing as we went to press.

That’s great news for the environmen­t but now, according to new research by Bloomberg NEF, solar and onshore wind power are also the cheapest new sources of electricit­y for most of the world. Globally, prices for wind and solar energy are around 50% less than they were just two years ago.

In times like these, we feel that the world needs to be reminded that it’s not all doom and gloom out there! That’s why we’re promoting Happy News! If you like this story, and want some more positivity in your life, head to now!

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