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A NEW app has been released that allows you to “meet” women who have led the way in space science.

Called Reach Across the Stars: A Universe of Explorers, it’s a free augmented reality (AR) app developed entirely by women at the US space agency NASA and the Smithsonia­n Institutio­n (a group of American museums).

According to its makers, the app will allow users “to explore the universe, and unlock the often-overlooked stories of women and their contributi­ons to space exploratio­n and science”.

Pioneering women and their work are featured in one-to-two-minute stories and longer “journeys”. You can get a 3D look at their work environmen­ts too. Some of those featured include computer scientist Grace Hopper (right), astronomer Nancy Roman, mathematic­ian Katherine Johnson, physicist and chemist Marie Curie, and astronauts Mae Jemison and Sally Ride.

The app also features a 3D journey to Mars, which sounds like a much safer way of visiting the Red Planet!

 ??  ?? Mae Jemison, the first black woman to travel into space
Mae Jemison, the first black woman to travel into space
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