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EDINBURGH Zoo has launched a live webcam so that wildlife fans can get to know their eight-month-old Asiatic lion cubs.

Alison MacLean, the animal team leader at Edinburgh Zoo, said: “Our playful Asiatic lion cubs, Mitaali, Keshari and Kushanu, love exploring outside with mum Roberta and dad Jayendra and are getting bigger and more adventurou­s every day. It is really exciting to be able to livestream their antics to viewers at home.”

Asiatic lions can only be found in the Gir Forest in India, with only an estimated 350 animals left in the wild. Their numbers have declined because of poaching, loss of habitat and conflict with humans.

Edinburgh Zoo has launched a number of live webcams in recent months, allowing people to watch animals like Sumatran tigers, koalas, rockhopper penguins and the zoo’s giant panda, Yang Guang.

Since zoos closed their doors in March, many of them have been relying on donations from supporters to help feed their animals.

You can see the webcams for yourselves at edinburghz­

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