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Rip was a stray mongrel terrier who became our first search and rescue dog during the Blitz. He took to the job instinctiv­ely, without any formal instructio­n, and his abilities became so highly regarded that other dogs were officially trained. He was awarded the Dickin Medal in 1945, and he appears as Dickin in The Umbrella Mouse.

GI Joe was an American carrier pigeon who flew 20 miles in 20 minutes to deliver a message when radios were down. He reached his destinatio­n just in time and prevented bomber pilots attacking a village with over 1,000 Allied soldiers and civilians. He was given the Dickin Medal in 1946 at a special ceremony in the Tower of London and returned home as a national hero.

Brian and Bing were two Alsatians who were fully qualified paratroope­rs. Both parachuted into Normandy for D-Day, trained to silently round up the human soldiers after a parachute drop, guard the men, detect mines and locate enemy positions.

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