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FORTNITE (PEGI 12) has introduced a new game mode that’s been designed just so you can hang out!


Gaming can be a great way to spend time with friends that you can’t see or spend time with in real life at the moment – but sometimes it can get a bit stressful.

Maybe you keep losing, or your team just aren’t working together properly. Whatever the issue may be, there’s now a place in Fortnite where you can just spend time with your friends, with no stress!

On the main menu, you should be able to find the new Party Royale, which will send you to an all-new island that’s packed with low-key, chilled out things to do – and no weapons or materials whatsoever.

There are vehicle races, football games and glider challenges, plus special phone booths that you can change your skin in, whenever you want.

Excitingly, the team at Epic Games who make Fortnite say that the new Party Royale mode is an “experiment­al and evolving space”. We hope that means more in-game concerts!

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