First News



‘Where do we go now?’ asked Ferocity, with a grin on her face.

‘To Perum Hollow, of course!’

‘What’s Perum Hollow?’

‘You DON’T know?! It’s the most sacred place in this whole forest! I’ll take you there to see my grandfathe­r. And before you ask, he controls all magic around here. C’mon, we’ll start now.’

They set off through the forest, Trick taking sharp turns and avoiding wider paths.

After a while, they stopped, and Ferocity was glad as her arms were aching from carrying Guggalugs. They sat down and she accepted a drink from Trick. Ferocity glanced down at her feet and saw something unusual. Half-hidden beneath a leaf was a piece of copper with blunt, jagged edges. Ferocity picked it up.

‘Drop that,’ said Trick with a growl in his throat.


‘Just drop it.’ This only made Ferocity grip it tighter. ‘Fine,’ croaked Trick. ‘But keep it hidden. Especially where we’re going.’

The three started off again, moving cautiously, as it was getting dark. The moon was round, silvery and full of light.

After hours of trekking through the forest, Trick stopped at the foot of an enormous trunk. The tree that it belonged to must be at least three hundred years old, Ferocity thought. ‘Five hundred years old,’ breathed Trick, as if in answer to her thought. Ferocity gaped in awe as Trick pressed different parts of the trunk without any second thought as to where to put his hand. He stepped back as a door revealed itself, set into the tree.

Trick opened it and motioned for Ferocity to follow.

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