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reviewed by Freddie Weatherhea­d-Pusey, aged ten

This book is about a boy called Ross. His mum has died and he is living with cancer. His dad is really sad until he meets Linda!

Wink was a great book with a big heap of feelings. Most of the time it was sad but at the same time it was very interestin­g. I never wanted to put it down! Throughout the book there were different feelings like embarrassm­ent, shame, sadness, happiness and anger.

My favourite bit of the book was when I found out who made the cruel memes. I felt bad for him when the memes were made and everyone treated him differentl­y.

I also quite liked it when he smashed his guitar. I thought the book was like a rollercoas­ter because it was up and down and you never knew what was coming next. I enjoyed it immensely!

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