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WE have created a task that we think is really good, it’s called the Lockdown Club.

- By Ethan and Aaron

The idea came about when we were listening to the Beatles album, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

We saw the cover of the album and tried to work out who was on it. It made us think about who would be in our Lockdown Club band.

We created our own version of the cover with all the people we’ve been watching, listening to or reading over the last five weeks. We found their images online and cut them out to make a huge poster.

We’ve included people like Maddie Moate, who we watch every day at 11am on YouTube. We’ve got Rob Biddulph, who is helping us to draw, and we’ve got some of the characters we’ve been reading about, including Dog Man and Dennis the Menace. We’ve also included politician­s, royals and Captain Tom Moore.

We thought everyone could create their own Lockdown Club. It is a lovely way to create a memory of this time and say thank you to everybody for helping us to stay busy.

It could be a piece of art, a collage or even a list or a video!

 ??  ?? The poster for the Lockdown Club
The poster for the Lockdown Club
 ??  ?? Ethan and Aaron
Ethan and Aaron
 ??  ??

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