First News


- By Ava Garside, Allerton Grange School

I RECENTLY won a national science, technology, engineerin­g and maths competitio­n.

It should be healthier to walk to school than go in the car, right?

Imagine a connected world where we can all make sense of our planet. That would make ‘Perfect Sense’ and that was the name for my project in the Youth Industrial Strategy Competitio­n.

Getting involved has been one of the best things I have ever done!

I started with a passion and a determinat­ion to allow everyone to breathe healthier air on the way to school. Real-life scientists and engineers have now also shown a commitment and excitement to my project.

Working with a team of nano-scientists from Graphene@Manchester has been an amazing experience with our shared belief in the project. Responding to comments from the Youth Industrial Strategy Competitio­n judges has also really helped me to improve on ideas.

Virtual judging was an experience in itself and a great boost for my confidence in speaking in front of a camera, as well as my writing skills to share the main aims of my project in a brief way.

 ??  ?? Ava

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