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- By Hannah and Emily

OUR dad, CJ Hansen, is the author of a book called Omega Awakens, which is a fantasy adventure set in real life.

It’s great to have a dad who’s an author. We’ve always enjoyed reading books like Harry Potter with him, but reading a book with the person that has written it is really cool.

He started it as a book just for us, so it’s very exciting that other people are really enjoying it now too!

The main character is a teenager who, with her friends, is forced to face a huge battle against evil and overcome many other challenges. We think the story is brilliant!

People have compared it to Harry Potter, Philip Pullman and even Star Wars, so if you like those kinds of stories, we think you will like this too!

Dad is writing the next book now, and we will get to read it before it’s published, which is another cool thing about him being an author! We can’t wait.

It was amazing to see the book in our local library, and it’s so nice when our friends and their parents read it and really enjoy it.

We really hope other people will enjoy it too!

 ??  ?? Hannah and Emily
Hannah and Emily
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