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DURING Hedgehog Awareness week (3-9 May) the British Hedgehog Preservati­on Society has been asking people to think about hedgehogs and how we can help them while we are spending more time at home.

Hedgehogs are one of the UK’s native species, but sadly their numbers are falling quickly. As more houses and building developmen­ts take over green spaces around the UK, hedgehogs are finding it harder and harder to survive.

Why not ask your family if you could help hedgehogs in your area by trying these five easy things?

1. Make 13cm (5in) square holes at the bottom of fences or walls. This makes sure hedgehogs have access to neighbouri­ng gardens or wild spaces, creating a hedgehog highway!

2. Create a log pile, which will provide both shelter and food for hedgehogs.

3. If you know there is a hedgehog in your garden, offer them meaty cat or dog food in the garden at night. You can create a simple feeding station so the food isn’t stolen by cats and foxes!

4. Leave shallow bowls of water in the garden for them to drink. A bowl of water can be a lifesaver in hot, dry weather.

5. Build a hedgehog home for them to nest in and use as a nursery.

You can find instructio­ns on how to build a hedgehog feeding station or hedgehog home at britishhed­

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