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A POP-UP restaurant in Sweden has taken social distancing to a whole new level.

The restaurant consists of one table and a chair in the middle of a field in Värmland, Sweden. Bord för en, which translates as ‘table for one’, opens this week and will be serving a maximum of one person a day until August. There are no waiters to take your order, so the three-course meal will be delivered in a basket down a rope that starts in the kitchen and ends at your table.

Rasmus Persson and Linda Karlsson came up with the idea after visiting Linda’s parents. Rasmus used to be a chef and he delivered his in-laws’ lunch through a window to keep socially distant.

“[We thought] we should make this available for everyone,” said Linda. “It will be the only COVID-19-safe restaurant in the world. We want to encourage people to sit down and spend quality time with themselves.”

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