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FLEDGLING Heroes is a side-scrolling “flap ’em up” game featuring brave birds taking on a wild world. First News games reviewer Devan Barodia told us what he thought.

“This easy-to-learn game tests your skills of flying and is fun for all the family!

Fledgling Heroes is a bit like Flappy Bird. You start off as a macaw and the aim of the game is to manoeuvre up through different levels on three different maps (jungle, pirate isles, fairy forest).

During the game, in each map you can unlock and collect two additional animal characters (better suited to the map you are in) and can customise the ones that you have. You can also find and use different variants of your characters around the map.

Once you’ve completed all the levels on a map, you unlock the next map. You can even create levels for you and your friends to beat. Race dragons, collect different maps and, most importantl­y, have fun! The possibilit­ies are endless!

I give the game a score of an eight for my age (12), but would say nine out of ten if I was younger, as I used to really enjoy these types

of games!”

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