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SSPO chair brings export expertise

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THE Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisati­on (SSPO) has named Anne MacColl as its new chair, taking over from Professor Phil Thomas. MacColl, former chief executive of Scottish Developmen­t Internatio­nal (SDI), has been working with the University of Stirling as associate director within the research and enterprise team, with a focus on internatio­nal business developmen­t, aquacultur­e, innovation and entreprene­urship.

She said: ‘When the opportunit­y arose to become chair of the SSPO, which has helped farmed salmon become Scotland’s number one food export, I was delighted to become involved. I hope I can bring some of my internatio­nal trade and investment experience to further the industry’s developmen­t.’ SCOTTISH salmon farmer Loch Duart claims to have made a breakthrou­gh in improving fish welfare by introducin­g distractio­ns such as ball games into hatcheries.

Young salmon have been observed nipping the fins of other salmon and, uncontroll­ed, the damage can have a long-term effect on the health and quality of the fish.

The hatchery team in Sutherland, led by David Roadknight, put strips of tarpaulin in the water, giving fish a place to hide from ‘bully fish’, and strings of coloured balls for the salmon to play with.

The team said it is already clear Loch Duart’s Hugh Ross holds up the devices

that the balls have changed the swim patterns in tanks and dorsal fin quality seems to be improved.

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