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Producers discuss farming in deeper waters


REPRESENTA­TIVES from the Scottish salmon sector met other producers in Brussels in early April to discuss the challenges of moving sites to more exposed locations.

At the Marine Strategy Framework Directive event, hosted by the EC, delegates investigat­ed new ways to grow production ca- pacity, including operating in deeper waters. Jamie Smith, technical executive for the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisati­on, attended the meeting as the Scottish representa­tive of FEAP (Federation of European Aquacultur­e Producers), along with other FEAP members from Spain, Denmark and Ireland.

He said: ‘Achieving consent is recognised as one of the biggest non-technical barriers to developmen­t in the marine environmen­t.

‘As the industry looks at new, innovative ways to increase capacity in order to keep pace with demand, moving operations further out to sea is certainly a considerat­ion.’

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