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Norwegian exports continue relentless drive


NORWEGIAN seafood exports have totalled NOK 28.8 billion for the first four months of this year, an increase of 26 per cent or NOK 5.9 billion.

Once again, farmed salmon and whitefish such as cod are driving this performanc­e. Sales of salmon alone during April soared by 40 per cent while farmed trout exports shot up by more than 100 per cent.

Geir Håvard Hanssen, communicat­ions director with the Norwegian Seafood Council, said: ‘Norwegian seafood exports are booming. By volume, exports are slightly down during the first four months of this year, but by value we see a gain of NOK 5.9 billion compared with the same period last year.

‘This is due to strong demand and high prices for Norwegian seafood, combined with a continuing favourable currency situation.

‘Salmon and trout have been the main contributo­rs to strong export growth. Salmon has seen average prices of NOK 56.81 per kilo so far this year, compared with an average price of NOK 41.89 per kilo in the same period last year. We have seen strong numbers for April, an increase of 35 per cent year-on-year.’ Rome in Italy and Froya in Norway - between fish farmers in north and south Europe to identify key priorities for further research in their sectors.

Giovanna Marino, of the Institute for Environmen­tal Protection and Research (ISPRA), said the study would now be used to inform decisions into further research.

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