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Scottish aquacultur­e could double says new industry body


SCKTTISH a uaculture production could double by 2030 according to a group of leading figures in the industry. Stewart raham, managing director of ael Force roup, and Dennis Kverton, chair of A uascot, are co-chairing the group, which also includes members representi­ng the whole supply chain in a uaculture.

They plan to set out a strategy for growth, and believe there is potential to double a uaculture s current contributi­on of £1.8 billion a year.

Their vision, called the Sco sh A uaculture 2030 sision for rowth, will be published later this year.

The document will back an ambitious vision for sustainabl­e growth with practical recommenda­tions, which the group intends to be time-bound for implementa­tion.

The strategy will cover the entire supply chain, including farming, e uipment supply, infrastruc­ture, processing, research and innovation, the role of the public sector, and marketing.

The report will feed into Scotland Food and Drink s overall industry strategy for 2017-2030

Stewart raham said There s an opportunit­y for Scotland s a uaculture sector to generate up to double its existing annual contributi­on to the Sco sh economy.

And it can do so in a way that continues to be sustainabl­e socially, economical­ly and environmen­tally.

With industry and public sector leadership on this, the gains can be significan­t, long term and wide reaching benefiting all of the wider stakeholde­r groups including local communitie­s and young people, as well as Scotland plc.

Kver the coming months, the group will gather evidence and recommenda­tions from a wide range of stakeholde­rs in Sco sh a uaculture.

Dennis Kverton said We intend this report to inspire ambition and follow-up from multiple stakeholde­rs in Sco sh a uaculture among them, SMEs, multi-nationals, industry organisati­ons, government, public bodies and investors.

All these stakeholde­rs have a part to play in gen- erating substantia­l growth to 2030, and the report will provide them with the vision, the map and the tools to do so.

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