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More than 1,660 exhibitors – not bad for the show that nearly didn’t happen at all


The most incredible fact about the world’s biggest seafood show this year is that it happened at all. For regulars, Seafood Expo Global 2016 in Brussels may have terrorists shut down the city, its survival, more or less intact, was something of a triumph.

Zaventem airport again on April 8, less than train services to and from the airport only resumed on April 22.

How close the organisers came to calling the

we felt people needed to know what was happening we made the decision to go ahead.’

Some 1,664 companies from 80 countries also decided to go ahead and on the opening day the drop-out rate was preferred to emphasise the

cent who had not.

same feeling around it as other years, where companies are working hard

Before the events of March 22, the expo was heading for a record

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