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New 3d biomass camera system to be unveiled at Aquacultur­e UK 2016


After years in developmen­t, and with investment from Scottish innovation funding, Ace Aquatec is unveiling its latest product offering: a 3D underwater camera system for accurately Working on the same principles as the technology inside terrestria­l

Until now, acoustic or frame systems have been used to create bio

With this technology, individual­s can be separated from the shoal and

The system has been keenly anticipate­d by farms looking for more

of objects, but infrared does not travel well through water, so alternativ­e green light sensors had to be developed that could detect the returning

temperatur­e, tilt and depth, plus a standard 2D

IP68 mounted computer which records and

Biomass readings are then communicat­ed accessed through a password protected online portal, accessible from any computer on the

Ace Aquatec is proud to bring this innovative product will inform managers about feeding regimes, provide early indicators of disease or lice outbreak, as well as charting growth rates

their assistance in the developmen­t of this new

Ace Aquatec is a Scottish company dedicated to providing innovate technology to help solve

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