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Company strengthen­s aquacultur­e commitment with new system


The Gael Force name is already synonymous with mooring systems and the company has a strong track record in the aquacultur­e market. It has worked closely with the industry to build up a relationsh­ip with fish farm operators throughout Scotland and Ireland.

Moving forward, Gael Force has developed a new, bespoke mooring system, conceived and designed to deliver higher security for lower cost.

The SeaQureMoo­r system offers higher performanc­e, longer life and lower system maintenanc­e for a given weight in key components.

Handling and logistics costs are reduced, as are deployment costs, due to lower weight to performanc­e and SeaQureMoo­r’s ability to be pre-assembled and therefore rapidly deployed.

The system comprises six components and at its heart is the SeaQureLin­k - designed for use with rope, slings or chain using SeaQureFas­t fibre connectors and SeaQureFle­x bridles.

SeaQureLin­k provides critical ballast for the system with ease of deployment, and in-service management is maintenanc­e free and has an extremely high break load and long life.

SeaQureHol­d is a super high holding power anchor, fast setting and less than half the weight of equivalent, convention­al anchors for a given holding power.

The mooring buoys, SeaQureBuo­ys, with pre-tensioned high strength lifting chain, give progressiv­ely increasing buoyancy, can house lights or other fittings and have no metal to metal moving parts, reducing maintenanc­e and buoy losses.

SeaQureLin­e eight-strand and three-strand

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