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Smoke your own with cooking bag


A SIMPLE ‘smoking bag’ that can produce a barbecue style meal show at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels last month. Made by Shropshire based company Sirane, the Sira-Cook Supreme bag has a wood chip sachet enhanced with liquid smoke and placed below the perforated It can be used in almost any hot plates. Simon Balderson, Sirane managing director, said: ‘Our new Sira-Cook Supreme cooking bag to users. But using the bag as a ‘smoking bag’ could really help product. It is a foil bag capable heat, allowing for its use on a ‘The food will be tender, retain well as the goodness, and could pack. ‘For the customer there would be no mess, no smell, and no need to handle the food. The bag can be heat-sealed or folded retail food sales. of sizes and in a standard and ‘It’s perfect for seafood, meat supply fresh food or ready meals for the consumer.’

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