Fish Farmer : 2019-06-06

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World News

News World Netwax E4 Greenline from NetKem Netwax E4 Greenline offers excellent protection against fouling on pen nets Netwax E4 Greenline is developed for antifoulin­g treatment of pen nets under “green” licences. The special active ingredient is approved by IMO and listed by OMRI for use in ecological agricultur­e. “Green” licences The Norwegian government has issued special licences for aquacultur­e with emphasis on reducing strain on the environmen­t. Institute for Marketecho­logy, Switzerlan­d. Approves products used in ecological agricultur­e. Organic Materials Review Institute, USA. Lists products for use in organic food production. IMO OMRI Slalåmveie­n 1, NO-1410 Kolbotn, Norway - Ph.: +47 66 80 82 15 - 14 www.fishfarmer­

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