Gen­tle so­lu­tion’ for new con­cept well­boat

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A NEW well­boat, be­ing billed as the world’s big­gest and cur­rently un­der con­struc­tion in Turkey, is to be fit­ted with a Cflow fish han­dling sys­tem, it was an­nounced last month

The well­boat, com­mis­sioned by Nor­we­gian firm Frøy Red­eri and be­ing built at Se­fine Ship­yards in Turkey, which is also Cflow’s con­tract­ing party, will be 83.72m long, 30.9m wide, and have a stor­age ca­pac­ity of 7,500 cu­bic me­tres.

Due to be de­liv­ered in 2021, it will ex­ceed the ca­pac­ity, al­though not the length, of to­day’s largest well­boat, the Solv­trans owned Ronja Storm.

Ronja Storm is 116 m long, 23m wide and has 7,450 cu­bic me­tres ca­pac­ity, twice as much as stan­dard well­boats.

The NOK 500 mil­lion (£45.5 mil­lion) Solv­trans well­boat was due to sail this au­tumn across the world to Aus­tralian sal­mon farmer Huon, from its builders, Havyard in Nor­way.

The new Frøy Red­eri ship is re­port­edly for a Nor­we­gian sal­mon

farmer and its cost has not been dis­closed, but it rep­re­sents an in­no­va­tive ‘con­cept with sev­eral new so­lu­tions for the fu­ture aquacultur­e in­dus­try’, said Cflow, which de­signed the ves­sel with Frøy Red­eri and Møre Mar­itime.

‘A ves­sel of this size ob­vi­ously re­quires a fish han­dling sys­tem that is ca­pa­ble of pro­cess­ing large vol­umes of fish,’ said Gun­nar Hoff, CMO and head of the fish­ery and aquacultur­e busi­ness ar­eas at Cflow.

‘I firmly be­lieve that we have the mar­ket’s most gen­tle so­lu­tions for pump­ing, de­lous­ing, trans­port and cool­ing of fish, and that this has helped us se­cure this con­tract.’

Cflow will de­liver a com­plete sys­tem for han­dling of live fish, in­clud­ing large slid­ing bulk­heads for the ves­sel’s stor­age area.

The equip­ment will be de­liv­ered in 2020 and early 2021, and Frøy Red­eri and Se­fine Ship­yards have con­tract op­tions to equip the ves­sel with fur­ther on-board fish han­dling so­lu­tions.

Arn­stein Jo­hansen, CEO of Cflow, said: ‘The size of the con­tract re­flects the size of the ves­sel and its fish han­dling sys­tem.

‘It is easy to un­der­stand that this is an im­por­tant con­tract to us. This will be­come an im­pres­sive well­boat and we are proud to con­trib­ute to­wards the project.’

Cflow will as­sem­ble its fish han­dling sys­tem at the com­pany’s fa­cil­ity in Langevaag out­side Aale­sund, Nor­way.

Cflow, a sub­sidiary com­pany of PG Flow So­lu­tions, based in Sande, Vest­fold, de­vel­ops, de­signs and man­u­fac­tures fish han­dling sys­tems for the fish­ery and aquacultur­e in­dus­try.

Steve Paulsen, CEO of the PG Flow So­lu­tions group, said: ‘When we be­came co-own­ers of Cflow, our in­ten­tion was to com­bine the com­pany’s unique fish wel­fare com­pe­tence and tech­nol­ogy with PG Flow So­lu­tions’ liq­uid han­dling and pump com­pe­tence.

‘This con­tract con­firms that we are suc­ceed­ing with this ap­proach, with Cflow as the group’s spear­head to­wards the aquacultur­e in­dus­try.’

Above: How the new well­boat will look

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