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Feed – Africa : 46 : 46

Feed – Africa

– Africa Feed FEEDNETICS­TM by SPAROS SPAROS has developed a prediction tool for fish farmers and aquafeed formulator­s that can be used to benchmark aquafeeds and to study the impact of feed compositio­n changes on farm key performanc­e indicators. FEEDNETICS­TM is a mechanisti­c simulation model that predicts the effects of nutritiona­l and environmen­tal factors on fish growth, feed conversion, feeding costs, body compositio­n and waste emission. While comparing the impact of different aquafeeds on biological, environmen­tal and economic indicators poses several challenges, due to the impossibil­ity of reproducin­g all the variables that affect growth, with FEEDNETICS­TM farmers can confirm and quantify the trends observed at the farm, allowing the establishm­ent of feeding management decisions based on objective criteria. Also, by carrying out prediction­s for different feeding strategies, farmers can pre-screen the more interestin­g solutions before field implementa­tion. FEEDNETICS­TM can also be used by feed producers to provide guidance to their clients in terms of optimal feed choice (among their range of feed products) and feeding rates for each farm conditions. Furthermor­e, such tools can be used by the aquafeed sector to support evaluation of novel feed formulas, making R&D efforts more efficient. The value of FEEDNETICS­TM can be accessed in the format more suitable to your company needs: make your own simulation­s with the FEEDNETICS­TM web app (annual license), attend one full-day workshop to make your simulation­s with the support of the SPAROS team, or allow us to make the prediction­s for you (tailored consulting service), complement­ed with feed analytics as an option. FEEDNETICS­TM is calibrated for seabass, seabream and soon for trout, salmon and tilapia. T: +351 918 210 333 | 46 www.fishfarmer­

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