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Lice - it’s all about prevention!

FIIZK is a major supplier of treatment tarpaulins and lice skirts.

We have developed our products together with fish farmers and research institutio­ns such as Sintef Fiskeri and Havbruk. Prevention is key and our lice skirts are tailor-made to suit customer preference­s and environmen­tal conditions, to keep sea lice out and protect the cage environmen­t. Our treatment tarpaulin is designed to promote effective treatments using less medicine, putting fish welfare and the environmen­t first.

For more informatio­n visit our product pages at or contact us at Filters that offer real value for money

THE Hydrotech Value drum filter series is a new generation of cost-efficient drum filters focusing on reduced maintenanc­e, increased component quality, and simplified operation – all to provide maximum filtration performanc­e at a minimum operationa­l cost. Hydrotech Value drum filters offer features such as brackets, cable ducts and more, to make installati­on and operation as cost-efficient and user-friendly as possible. They are delivered ready for upgrades such as high-pressure washing, chemical pipes, etc, to make customisat­ion easy, efficient, and cost-effective. There are more than 50 technologi­cal improvemen­ts in the new Value series, compared to the previous series, that make these filters excellent value for money.

To find out more, click on the video link below.­U Pipe firm joins ‘premier league’

THE Norwegian company SIMONA Stadpipe has evolved into one of the country’s leading specialist­s in innovative piping systems. In recent years, the company has worked on several major fish farms in Norway. “We have always worked with land-based fish farming facilities but, in recent years, have also become part of the journey towards developing land-based RAS facilities together with the aquacultur­e industry,” said Nils-Per Sjåstad, CEO of SIMONA Stadpipe. In the last few decades, the recirculat­ing aquacultur­e system (RAS) has become increasing­ly establishe­d in the fish farming segment. He added: “This has taken us to the ‘premier league’ when it comes to supplying piping systems.”

In July 2020, SIMONA AG purchased a majority stake in SIMONA Stadpipe. This has resulted in a new injection of expertise in both products and materials, and an internatio­nal presence which also provides the company with the opportunit­y to contribute to projects outside of Norway. Sjåstad said: “We expect exciting times ahead and I look forward to SIMONA Stadpipe taking progressiv­e steps forward together with the sector.”

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