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Experts address climate change issues for aquacultur­e


AS the world’s leaders prepare to gather in Glasgow later this year for the COP26 climate change summit,

Fish Farmer magazine and online content business InterMet have teamed up to present a webinar on Aquacultur­e – Meeting theThreats of Extreme Weather & Climate Change.

The free webinar will take place live on Wednesday 19 August and a recording will also be available to view later. The panellists will be presenting their perspectiv­es on climate change and taking questions from the from the aquacultur­e sector.

Our panel members are:

Anne Anderson, Head of Sustainabi­lity & Developmen­t with Scottish Sea Farms, one of the country’s leading producers of premium farmed salmon.

Daniel Fairweathe­r, Executive Director, Livestock, Aquacultur­e and Fisheries with insurance company Gallagher and a member of the Gallagher UK ESG (Environmen­t, Social and Governance) Committee.

Lynne Falconer, researcher at the Institute of Aquacultur­e, University of Stirling, with over 10 years’ research experience in the field of aquacultur­e and the environmen­t.

Jonathan LaRiviere, Chief Executive of Scoot Science, an ocean analytics and forecastin­g business based in Santa Cruz, California, which aims to help fish farmers protect assets, operate sustainabl­y, and increase profits by enabling a more complete assessment of local ocean conditions.

The issues the webinar will cover include:

Emerging climate-related threats for the aquacultur­e sector: including raised sea temperatur­es, with implicatio­ns for cold water fish like salmon and cod; increased risk of harmful algal blooms and reduced oxygen levels; increased frequency and severity of storms; flooding and/or drought for inland farms.

Possible mitigation strategies including: relocation of sites; strengthen­ing standards for cages and moorings; better real-time monitoring of marine conditions; relocation further offshore or to land-based RAS (recirculat­ing aquacultur­e systems) facilities.

The role the aquacultur­e sector can play in combating climate change. e.g. aiming for ‘net zero’ in the production cycle; switching from diesel to electric/hybrid power for vessels and farm sites; using renewable energy or heat from other industries to power RAS sites.

The opportunit­ies for innovative new and existing businesses to develop solutions to meet the challenges facing aquacultur­e from extreme weather & climate change.

To register free of charge or for more informatio­n, go online to­gitalwebin­ar4/

We welcome your questions – please contact Ian Harper, InterMet at ian@mediagener­

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