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Among men aged 20-34, sui­cides ac­count for 23.9 per cent of deaths (Eng­land and Wales) Sui­cide ac­counts for 20.5 per cent of deaths in the 20-49 age group for men and women (Eng­land and Wales) Di­vorced men are al­most three times as likely to end their lives as men who are mar­ried or in civil part­ner­ships (Eng­land and Wales) Among men aged 35-49, sui­cides ac­count for 11.3 per cent of deaths (Eng­land and Wales) 4,508 male sui­cides in 2016 1,457 fe­male sui­cides in 2016 (UK) 770 THOU­SAND peo­ple ex­pressed sui­ci­dal feel­ings to Sa­mar­i­tans in 2016 (UK and ROI) 12 MEN kill them­selves ev­ery day (UK) 45% of trans young peo­ple have tried to take their lives (UK) 878 male stu­dents took their lives be­tween 2001 and 2017 (Eng­land and Wales)

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