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Los­ing a sin­gle night’s sleep could af­fect the liver’s abil­ity to process glu­cose and process in­sulin, po­ten­tially adding to the risk of meta­bolic dis­eases such as type 2 di­a­betes and fatty liver dis­ease, a study in sleep-de­prived mice car­ried out at Toho Univer­sity in Ja­pan has found.


Re­searchers at the Univer­sity of Tokyo have iden­ti­fied two genes that may reg­u­late how much we dream. When re­searchers ‘turned off’ the genes in mice us­ing ge­netic edit­ing tool CRISPR the mice al­most en­tirely stopped ex­pe­ri­enc­ing REM sleep – the pe­riod of sleep in mam­mals and birds that’s ac­com­pa­nied by rapid move­ments of the eyes and the ten­dency to dream vividly.

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