Why does the Earth spin?

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The So­lar Sys­tem formed al­most five bil­lion years ago from a tur­bu­lent cloud of gas and dust. The mo­tions of the atoms and mol­e­cules in that cloud were ex­tremely un­likely to av­er­age out to be ex­actly zero. In essence, there would have been a ten­dency for them to move, or ro­tate, in a cer­tain di­rec­tion. As the cloud col­lapsed un­der grav­ity, the con­ser­va­tion of an­gu­lar mo­men­tum en­sured that the cloud’s ini­tial ro­ta­tion was mag­ni­fied, even­tu­ally flat­ten­ing it out into a disc. The Earth formed within that disc and spins be­cause it in­her­ited its an­gu­lar mo­men­tum from its ‘par­ent’ cloud.

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