Dis­cover a uni­verse of un­ri­valled beauty, depth and op­por­tu­nity where it’s pos­si­ble to change the course of his­tory

Focus-Science and Technology - - ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE - When in-game pol­i­tics in EVE On­line cause emo­tions to run high, it can spark huge bat­tles and even wars. In Jan­uary 2018, one bat­tle in­volved 6,142 play­ers – and re­sulted in EVE be­ing awarded a Guin­ness World Record for the most con­cur­rent play­ers si­multa

Earth is just a dis­tant mem­ory, mankind has colonised the heav­ens and bat­tles are rag­ing through­out the stun­ning but dan­ger­ous, dystopian uni­verse of New Eden. It’s a land con­trolled by mega-cor­po­ra­tions and home to the most pow­er­ful class of hu­mans that have ever lived, the im­mor­tal Cap­suleers. When you play Eve On­line, a free mas­sively mul­ti­player on­line (MMO) space­ship your­self im­mersed in. If you think you know com­puter games, it’s time to think again. Ev­ery­thing that hap­pens in Eve On­line is com­pletely player-driven. It’s the gamers who have cre­ated the his­tory of New Eden, and the gamers who will shape its fu­ture – and there are now hun­dreds of thou­sands of them all over the world. As they com­pete for riches, power, glory and ad­ven­ture, all of their ac­tions will have con­se­quences, ei­ther for them­selves or other play­ers in the game.

When you start play­ing EVE On­line, you cre­ate a char­ac­ter, pledg­ing your al­le­giance to one of the four great em­pires – the de­voutly re­li­gious Amarr Em­pire, the in­dus­tri­ous Cal­dari State, the loyal and demo­cratic Gal­lente Fed­er­a­tion or the small but proud Min­matar Re­pub­lic. Each has its own set of rules, aims and be­liefs which shape how the com­mu­nity live, work and bat­tle.

Stun­ning starscapes and neb­u­lae, space­ports bustling with player ac­tiv­ity and mysterious, un­sta­ble worm­holes are all part of New Eden. As Eve On­line play­ers ex­plore these vast so­lar sys­tems, they pilot more than 340 dif­fer­ent space­ships, rang­ing from the starter Corvette to the gar­gan­tuan Ti­tans that lead the charge in en­gage­ments in­volv­ing a mul­ti­tude of gamers.

One of the most fas­ci­nat­ing as­pects of this game is that play­ers are free to choose their own path. Some mine as­ter­oid belts for de­sir­able re­sources that can be sold on the player mar­ket, oth­ers be­come traders, pi­rates or man­u­fac­tur­ers, while oth­ers choose to fo­cus on ex­plo­ration or make their mark lead­ing

No mat­ter what type of life play­ers forge for them­selves, they be­come part of a vast sand­box where it’s im­pos­si­ble not to come into con­tact with other play­ers. That might be in high-se­cu­rity space, po­liced by the non-player CON­CORD or­gan­i­sa­tion, or in low-se­cu­rity space where there re­ally are no rules!

While it’s true that one of the great­est achieve­ments of EVE On­line has been the un­prece­dented num­ber of play­ers com­ing to­gether to out­smart their ri­vals, it’s also just as much about each player’s unique ex­pe­ri­ence. Since this free game was launched 15 years ago, each and every player has con­trib­uted to the greater ta­pes­try – and they will all con­tinue to shape the fu­ture of this fas­ci­nat­ing space ad­ven­ture.

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