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Ride and dine


At the risk of sounding at best a bit weird and at worst completely barking, I have always been fascinated by cheese, ever since I was forced to watch White Christmas as a child and Bing Crosby explained how different cheeses can affect your dreams. I have, in the past, eaten particular­ly pungent cheeses at bedtime in the hope of dreaming the winning lottery numbers.

In your July issue (p66), Dr Farrimond explained why some people like strong cheeses and why we have a ‘taste’ for danger foods. This idea linked to the dopamines mentioned in the piece on rollercoas­ters in that same issue (p70). Perhaps I could launch a gourmet thrill experience in partnershi­p with a theme park. Puffer fish (illegal in the UK), then a stinky cheese board, followed by kopi luwak (civet poo) espresso, then an intense white-knuckle ride.

The only drawback is that the cleaning bill for the rollercoas­ter cars would be astronomic­al… Simon Elson, Burton-on-Trent

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