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In the March edition of BBC Science Focus,

I was surprised to discover an advertisem­ent for Princess, a major cruise ship company, displayed on the back of the issue. As this magazine is predominan­tly focused on science – frequently featuring a section titled Green Papers that promotes awareness of global warming – I would assume BBC Science Focus

were more than aware of the obvious detrimenta­l effects of cruise liners. Therefore, I found the fact that a corporatio­n with such a negative environmen­tal impact had been publicised a little immoral, to say the least. I was wondering why BBC Science Focus would choose to display an advert like this?

Phoebe Cullen, East Sussex

Thank you for getting in touch, Phoebe. As with many publicatio­ns, advertisem­ents published are not an endorsemen­t of the products. To turn away adverts that are legal and truthful (as mandated by the Advertisin­g Standards Authority) from selected advertiser­s on the basis that they offer foreign travel, yet accept advertisin­g for the local UK travel industry, would be against the BBC rules on bias. Advertisem­ents are an important revenue stream for the magazine industry, and without them many publicatio­ns would be forced to close.

Emma Cooney, Immediate Media (publisher of

BBC Science Focus)

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