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On the 5:2 diet


Dr Michael Mosley has previously mentioned the 5:2 diet as a way to improve your health and longevity and I agree with the science. But for people like me who have delicate stomachs, and can’t hack big changes in diet on a weekly basis, would a restricted diet over four consecutiv­e days in a month be as good? Andrew Cirel

When I wrote The Fast Diet, I suggested a range of different ways to do intermitte­nt fasting, as well as 5:2. You may find it easier, particular­ly if you have a delicate stomach, to try time-restricted eating, where you eat within a particular time window, such as 14:10. An example of this would be to stop eating and drinking anything with calories by 8pm, and not eat again until 10am the next morning. You might want to check out the work of Prof Satchin Panda, of the Salk Institute in California: mycircadia­

Dr Michael Mosley, BBC Science Focus columnist

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