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Is Planet Nine a grapefruit-size black hole?

Colour blindness, or colour vision deficiency, is fairly common, affecting around 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women. Individual­s who are unable to distinguis­h between different shades of red, yellow and green have what is known as red-green colour vision deficiency. Researcher­s at the University of California have designed glasses with lenses fitted with a filter that can increase the separation between the colours’ wavelength­s. Participan­ts who wore the glasses for two weeks were able to distinguis­h between different colours more easily, even after taking them off. “When I wear the glasses outside, all the colours are extremely vibrant and saturated, and I can look at trees and clearly tell that each tree has a slightly different shade of green compared to the rest,” said participan­t Alex Zbylut.

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