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Ca­nard Duck (in Gas­cony this usu­ally means the Moulard duck Cep Lo­cal fleshy and sought-af­ter mush­room (also known as porcini) Chabrot An an­cient Oc­c­i­tan coun­try (the his­tor­i­cal re­gion that in­cluded parts of the south of France) cus­tom of adding a lit­tle red wine to the end of a soup and drink­ing from the dish

Con­fit de ca­nard Pre­served duck legs

Con­fi­ture de cerise noire Black cherry jam – of­ten served with sheep’s milk cheese

Crous­tade A tart usu­ally made with flaky or puff pas­try, hol­lowed out with a sweet or savoury fill­ing Daube Peas­ant stew of slow­cooked meat, of­ten beef, cooked with veg­eta­bles in a broth De­moi­selles Lit­er­ally mean­ing ‘young ladies’, but used here to re­fer to a duck car­cass roasted on open fires to crisp up the lit­tle re­main­ing bits of meat

Foie gras A ma­jor part of the re­gional econ­omy, lit­er­ally mean­ing ‘fatty liver’. Force-fed duck or goose liver is served in var­i­ous forms – whole, fresh for pan­fry­ing; ter­rine, mousse, etc. Fro­mage de bre­bis A hard sheep’s milk cheese

Fro­mage de chèvre Goat’s milk cheese

Gar­bure Tra­di­tional and hearty lo­cal peas­ant soup or stew made with cab­bage, beans, pota­toes, pre­served duck and ham hock Gav­age The phys­i­cal act of force­feed­ing a duck or goose

Ge­siers de ca­nard Duck giz­zards Ma­gret The breast of a duck raised for foie gras

Mirabelle Lit­tle yel­low plum

Noix Wal­nuts

Oie Goose

Palombe Mi­gra­tory wood pi­geon. A tra­di­tional dish is a salmis de palombe (roasted pi­geon stew with red wine)

Palom­bière A lodge used for hunt­ing palombe in Oc­to­ber when they pass over the Pyrénées

Pastis Gas­con A re­gional tart com­prised of Ar­magnac-soaked ap­ples with very fine pas­try

Pe­tits gris Small, grey snails found in south-west France

Porc noir de Gascogne Lo­cal rare breed of black pig

Poulet au pot Whole chicken stuffed and cooked in a pot

Pousse Rapière Lo­cal or­ange and Ar­magnac cock­tail

Pruneaux d’Agen The best prunes in the world come from this re­gion (Agen is 40 min­utes north of Con­dom in the Lot-etGaronne). Ente plums are dried in ovens, then re­hy­drated. Around 3-3.5kg of fresh plums will give

1kg of prunes. Used for both sweet and savoury dishes, of­ten as­so­ciated with Ar­magnac

Ril­lettes Fi­brous shred­ded-meat (of­ten duck or pork) pâté

San­glier Wild boar

Sau­cis­son Dry cured sausage

Right, clock­wise from top: Con­dom's Four Mus­ke­teers statue; me­dieval build­ings abound in the re­gion; grilled pi­geon at La Bonne Au­berge; pad the nar­row streets of Lec­toure From left: fois gras mine­strone at Hô­tel de Bas­tard; the chef's prune and...

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