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JENNY RAN­DLES un­cov­ers trou­bling links be­tween Rendle­sham and the PC God­frey close en­counter

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The Rendle­sham In­ci­dent (Fly­ing Disk Press, 2017) is an ac­count of 37 years of re­search by astronomer An­drew Pike. It looks at a pos­si­bil­ity I have long con­sid­ered for this 1980 close en­counter – that some kind of sci­ence ex­per­i­ment in­volv­ing dan­ger­ous en­ergy beams might have caused what­ever was seen in that Suf­folk for­est by sev­eral US Air­men. This matches oth­er­wise cu­ri­ous re­ports that sailors aboard Navy ves­sels off that coast were or­dered be­low deck on the night be­fore the events oc­curred.

Over-the-hori­zon radar re­search was car­ried out at Or­ford Ness – lo­ca­tion of the light­house be­lieved by many to have re­solved this case – but those tests were over by 1980 (see my Rendle­sham Ge­n­e­sis se­ries, FT336-339). None­the­less, I have long re­garded it as sig­nif­i­cant that a for­mer MoD UFO depart­ment head and the most se­nior MoD fig­ure to ever write on this case took a sim­i­lar stance to my own as to what might have hap­pened. Ralph Noyes (obit FT120:45) had been in­volved with UFOs since the 1950s, when he was charged by the Air Min­istry with in­ves­ti­gat­ing sight­ings dur­ing a NATO ex­er­cise (Op­er­a­tion Main­brace) around RAF bases in York­shire and ships in the North Sea. He later over­saw the Min­istry’s UFO divi­sion, with ac­cess to ev­i­dence never made pub­lic be­cause it was ap­par­ently ‘lost’ prior to the de­ci­sion to start re­leas­ing UFO files in the 1990s. This in­cluded gun cam­era film taken from RAF jets chas­ing glow­ing en­ergy balls in the sky. Noyes saw this footage on be­com­ing depart­ment head (see FT305:72, FT307:68

69). He hon­oured his MoD obli­ga­tions to se­crecy about such mat­ters un­til he chose to talk to me in 1983 about Rendle­sham. He told me he was ‘ashamed’ there had been a coverup and wanted to know why. Re­mark­ably, over the next decade or so, he helped me in get­ting se­nior politi­cians to take the case se­ri­ously. We com­posed let­ters to MPs ask­ing what the MoD knew about the case, and the pow­er­ful forces that seemed to be in­volved (given the phys­i­cal ef­fects on wit­nesses and elec­tri­cal equip­ment in close prox­im­ity). We both won­dered if these were the same things that those RAF jets were chas­ing in the now ‘lost’ gun cam­era footage?

In­ter­est was shown by sev­eral gov­ern­ment sources, in­clud­ing se­nior MoD of­fi­cials, but Noyes was never happy with the cir­cuitous replies from the up­per ech­e­lons of White­hall and chose to go fur­ther. He helped Brenda But­ler, Dot Street and me to present to the UK me­dia the live tape of the sight­ings by the deputy com­man­der, Colonel Charles Halt. This took place at Ralph’s Lon­don club, for the re­lease of the pa­per­back of our book Sky

Crash. Then, he wrote a bizarre UFO novel called A Se­cret Prop­erty – which is not about Rendle­sham, ap­par­ently, though it is set at a base called Bent­bridge, near a light­house on Bland­ford­ness, and in­volveds a com­man­der called Colonel Hoyt. The book in­volves a se­cret en­ergy beam that causes prob­lems for the Rus­sians in space and gen­er­ates forces in the sky seen by lo­cals near the woods, with all sorts of as­so­ci­ated po­lit­i­cal in­trigue re­sult­ing. We now know – which we did not when A

Se­cret Prop­erty came out 33 years ago – that the USSR was in­volved with Rendle­sham. In 1982, let­ters were sent to UFO ab­ductee and po­lice of­fi­cer Alan God­frey via a Moscow sci­ence academy well be­fore the case be­came known to the Bri­tish pub­lic. The Rus­sians were link­ing the po­lice­man’s own case (just four weeks ear­lier in 1980; see my se­ries on the God­frey in­ci­dent in FT325-328) to Rendle­sham, and these let­ters were in­ter­cepted and read by some­one claim­ing to be from the MoD who then vis­ited Alan God­frey at his po­lice sta­tion. God­frey was made to sign the Of­fi­cial Se­crets Act in spe­cific ref­er­ence to all of this and, most in­trigu­ingly, adding his in­volve­ment five months prior to his UFO en­counter with the death of a man near the spot where he later had his sight­ing. That man – called Adamski, a name heavy with UFO over­tones – had been found dead atop a coal heap in broad day­light with a burn mark on the back of his head and eyes star­ing sky­ward, in­ter­preted by those present, in­clud­ing the am­bu­lance crew, as a look of fear. There also was a re­ported UFO sight­ing in the area hours be­fore the body was found.

Three sep­a­rate in­quest hear­ings were held in au­tumn 1980 and the coro­ner called it the most baf­fling case of his ca­reer. Alan God­frey was first of­fi­cer on scene and charged with in­ter­view­ing the man’s widow, who ex­plained how her hus­band had gone to the cor­ner shop to buy pota­toes but was not seen again un­til found five days later, miles away, in a town he had never be­fore vis­ited. Dur­ing his en­quiries, PC God­frey also found an eye­wit­ness who proved that Adamski was al­ready dead be­fore ar­riv­ing at the coal heap. Yet nei­ther this crit­i­cal wit­ness (a fire­man vis­it­ing the yard) nor Alan was ever called to give ev­i­dence at the in­quest.

There are many the­o­ries about what hap­pened to Adamski, and only co­in­ci­dence and spec­u­la­tion con­nect it with UFOs. Yet why did the ‘man from the min­istry’ – which is how he styled him­self to PC God­frey – de­mand si­lence over the Adamski death as well as Alan’s later UFO en­counter and the let­ters from Rus­sia about Rendle­sham?

An­drew Pike’s new book adds much to the saga, as he was in­volved in a re­search project in the area when the Rendle­sham case oc­curred and heard about the sight­ings be­fore most oth­ers did. In­deed, he was the very first per­son on the scene, in­ter­view­ing lo­cals around a week af­ter the sight­ings and seems to be the source of the sto­ries that Brenda, Dot and I heard from foresters and farm­ers about ‘sci­en­tists’ in­ves­ti­gat­ing the sight­ings just days af­ter they hap­pened. We had (wrongly it seems) ar­gued in our book Sky Crash that only some­one from the MoD could have known about the case so soon af­ter it hap­pened. In­stead it was An­drew and a col­league, free­lance in­ves­ti­gat­ing be­cause they were in the area at the right time.

So what did they dis­cover? And, more im­por­tantly, what does it tell us about the pos­si­ble na­ture of the forces in­volved and how dan­ger­ous they re­ally could be to those un­for­tu­nate enough to get in the way?

As my FT ar­ti­cles two years ago re­vealed, the area around Rendle­sham For­est was rich in elec­tronic tech­nol­ogy. In 1980, when the Rendle­sham For­est case took place, the USAF bases con­tained se­cret nu­clear weapons, which the MoD was keen that the UK peace move­ment should not find out about (they were then protest­ing around bases such as Green­ham Com­mon, where USAF cruise mis­siles were sta­tioned. It now seems that the MoD were deeply sus­pi­cious of three women – Brenda, Dot and I – pur­su­ing a well-hid­den UFO case and thought we might be part of the Women’s Peace group un­der sur­veil­lance. In­deed, anony­mous mes­sages claim­ing we were act­ing with that group ap­peared in UFO mag­a­zines. I was never as­so­ci­ated with that cam­paign and dur­ing the time I spent with Brenda and Dot saw no ev­i­dence that their in­ter­est ex­tended be­yond UFOs.

Yet fur­ther new ev­i­dence re­vealed by Alan God­frey in his book about his Tod­mor­den UFO en­counter ( Who or What Were They?, Oz­fac­tor­books, 2017) shows that the min­istry ap­pears to have planted a spy act­ing as a friendly UFO in­ves­ti­ga­tor seek­ing to re­port back what we knew from our in­ter­nal dis­cus­sions.

In­trigu­ingly, this per­son was deeply in­volved in the Adamski death, the God­frey ab­duc­tion and Rendle­sham for­est cases: the same three that the MoD made Alan sign a se­crecy or­der over. This would be an ex­traor­di­nar­ily risky step for the pow­ers that be to take with a UFO case. Why was such a strat­egy was nec­es­sary. Was some­thing go­ing on of a covert na­ture known to the MoD? Why were Soviet sci­en­tists dig­ging into these things as well? And what does this tell us about the pos­si­ble na­ture of the en­ergy in­volved and how dan­ger­ous it could be for those un­for­tu­nate enough to get in its way? Next month I will look into that ques­tion.

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